Vocational Assessment and Vocational Planning

The case manager assesses employment options based on the client’s skills and develops a vocational plan in which both parties will abide.

Job Placement Services

The case manager performs job development to aid the injured worker in finding actual job openings in his or her area of interest.

Expert Testimony and Evaluation

The vocational professional is available as an expert evaluator and/or witness in third party, total industrial disability claims and removal from labor market cases.

Medical Case Management

The medical case manager will coordinate medical services between the provider, the claims handler and the patient. Medical costs will be kept minimal while coordinating the best care.

Transferable Skills Analysis and Labor Market Survey

The case manager determines what skills the injured worker possesses, determines what jobs can be done and applies them to the labor market to determine employability.

Employment Skills Training

The case manager will coach the injured worker on resume development, accessing the hidden labor market and interviewing skills and presentation.

Employer Services

Modified duty return to work programs can be developed and implemented for various sized companies. Ergonomic evaluations can also be performed.

Early Intervention Program

Telephone case management will be used to contact the employer, the client and the medical providers to coordinate benchmarks for return to work. This contract also acts to help identify "problematic" claims and recognize possible field case management cases.